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Q: Are there any tips or tricks your can recommend to increase the amount of free stuff I am able to get ?


A: Yes. There is definitely a strategy to getting free stuff and to fully explain it and an easy to understand manner we wrote this article.  Check it out: An Insiders Guide to Getting Free Product Samples.


Q: I ordered a free sample and it hasn’t arrived yet, where is it?


A: You first need to understand that this site is just a directory to let you know where to find other companies offering various free samples and we don’t distribute samples ourselves. Many times a free sample that you request will not arrive because of the first come first serve basis on which they are sent out. In order to increase your chances of getting free stuff we highly recommend that you request samples in a high volume.


Q: I don’t live in the U.S.A. or Canada, can I still get free samples?


A: Usually the answer to this is ‘no’. But since each freebie is distributed by a different company with different rules for who they will send samples to there occasionally be one or two samples that are available internationally, but they are rare enough that we can safely say that most of the offers on this site are available only to U.S. and sometimes Canadian residents.


Q: Why am I getting so many e-mails since I started signing up for free samples?


A: Marketing and lead generation is the main reason companies offer free samples on the internet. They want to get your e-mail address, mailing address, name etc.. for marketing purposes. And since each sample is offered by a different company you can very quickly find yourself on lots of commercial mailing lists. We highly recommend using a separate e-mail address when you are signing up for freebies so you don’t pollute your personal e-mail account. Also pay attention to check boxes for being added to mailing lists when you are requesting a sample, and only subscribe to newsletters you are interested in.


Q: How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?


A: To unsubscribe from our daily newsletter just click the link included at the bottom of every e-mail that says “Safe Unsubscribe”.  But many people will e-mail us asking to be unsubscribed under the mistaken impression that we are responsible for all the e-mails they receive in the process of requesting free samples. So please keep in mind that our mailing list only sends out 1 e-mail per day with the subject “Today’s Free List” only to those people who signed up for our mailing list. Signing up for freebies will not get you added to our mailing list, but may get you on the mailing list of the company distributing it. If you wish to be unsubscribed from other mailings you need to ask the companies who are actually sending the e-mails.