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Free Workout Supplements from Momentum Nutrition
You can request a free sample of Catalyst brand workout supplements from Momentum Nutrition.
Free Emergen-C Vitamin Mix Samples
You can request free samples of Emergn-C vitamin C drink mix by visiting his page and submitting your shipping info.
Free Samples of Depend Underwear
First, visit this page and select your gender via the tab at the top. Next select which product you're interested in and proceed to request a free sample.
Free Protein Samples
If you're interested in trying free animal whey protein samples from Universal Nutriton just check out this page and submit your shipping info.
Free Sam’s Club Health Screenings
Sam's Club members can visit one of their locations on April 8th from 11am-4pm to get a free health screening. Tests in this screening include cholesterol, HDL, blood pressure, and more.
(Possibly) Free Samples of Coromega Supplements
Coromega is currently accepting applications for people who want to become brand ambassadors. If selected you will be sent free samples of their various supplements to try and review on your social media accounts. Sign up here.
Free Samples of JustGoGirl Pads
Check out this page and submit your shipping info to request a free sample of Just Go Girl brand pads and liners.
Free Tena Underwear
Check out this page and then click the button that reads "Try For Free:. Next, proceed to submit your shipping information to request a free sample of Tena Overnight Underwear.
Free Workout Supplements
First visit this page, then click the button that says "Free Sample". Next, submit your shipping info to request a free sample of Xtend Go BCAA workout supplements.
Free Endangered Species Condoms
Sign up here to become a volunteer to distribute free endangered species condoms. It says they will give special priority to people with cool ideas or events where they can give them out.